MarsEdit 1.0 final out

marseditIconLarge.png Yes, I know. It’s the fourth blog item in a row dealing with a software release. Looks like software news is what I’m good at, huh?

Whatever. Brent Simmons from Ranchero fame released version one point oh of the MarsEdit weblog editor. MarsEdit has an email client approach to weblog editing and as such works and feels a bit different from other weblog editors.

Brent spent a boatload of time sketching MarsEdit out and improve what was once NetNewsWire’s internal weblog editor and as such much thought went into its architecture and inner wirings.

The result is well working. I’m writing this posting (as well as a few previous ones) in MarsEdit. Two glitches so far:

  • The live preview of a work-in-progress post is way too slow if you’re using the Markdown previews.
  • You cannot just drag an image from your local harddrive into a post and have it uploaded as soon as you post like in ecto. This is something I truly miss.

Good news for owners of NetNewsWire 1.x: MarsEdit is free for you!

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