Yuck! Change! Bad!

safari_icon.jpg from Safari fame is trying to defend some of the extensions the Safari/WebCore team made to the HTML standard. Those changes (which they even submitted to the Working Group) were deemed necessary to support the classy styles and animation in Dashboard, a new desktop accessory collection to make its first appearance in Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” (which they already got a lot of beating for for different reasons).

Well, Dashboard is meant to be easy to develop for. Which is why they chose HTML/CSS/JavaScript half the world knows how to ‘develop in’ already (quotes on purpose) over ‘real’ web programming/scripting languages like PHP or Perl or ActionScript whatsoever. And just for the sake of prettyness and interactivity you need to add certain things, otherwise Dashboard would end up being pretty pointless after all.

Dave’s post is definitely a worthwhile read, especially since he’s talking about the alternatives they had to extending the HTML standard and the reasons those had been dropped for.

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