MovableType 3.1 released

mt3-logo-small.gif SixApart released version 3.1 of MovableType today.

The major new features include post scheduling (keep your blog alive if you’re away), dynamically rendered pages (configurable on a per-template basis), a new level of categorization via subcategories as well as a plugin pack including the winners of the MovableType 3.0 Developers Contest (such as Markdown and MT-Blacklist, both in use here). Mena provides a more in depth rundown of those new features in the SixApart blog.

My blogs have been upgraded to this new release already. The upgrade went really smooth, although I didn’t bother to try out any of the new features yet.

as a bugfix release to MT 3.1. Apparently some people had issues upgrading their MT 3.0x installation to MT 3.1.]
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