NetNewsWire 2.0 final

Despite the comments in my elderly ramblings Brent Simmons’ NetNewsWire occupies the top-spot in my RSS reader heaven. I didn’t use the 1.0 series a lot, but used the 2.0 betas almost since the very beginning. Now that 2.0 final is out after months of beta testing (or as John Gruber puts it: “This might be the most-improved 2.0 version of any app I’ve ever used”) it’s time to spread the word again.

Since the most appealing “feature” of NewsFire is its small on-screen footprint, I recently devoted some time to squeeze NNW into an even smaller space and that worked out just fine as you can see below.

Coupled with its synchronization features (although a periodic sync would be nice and it still seems to be impossible to deflag items once they’ve been synched) and the fact that you can fully navigate it with your keyboard only, NNW clearly comes out ahead of the curve here and will happily sit on my desktop for a long time to come. Way to go!

Picture 2

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